Connecting & Dealmaking

Collaboration and personal connections are at the heart of our industry. We work with you to identify potential partners and negotiate deals that benefit all parties involved.

Whether you're a library catalogue searching for a sub-publisher, a composer looking for an agent or publisher, or a TV company in need of a composer, we leverage our extensive network to connect you with the perfect match.

Recent work highlights include:

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Connecting a library catalogue with a global network of sub-publisher

We connected a library catalogue with a significant number of sub-publishers throughout the world.

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Securing a music publishing deal for a composer

We introduced a composer to a suitable music publishing company, taking into consideration the composer's current team. This led to a deal, which we negotiated on behalf of the composer to its completion

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Introducing a music company to their new accountant

Our client required a music industry accountant with specific expertise, and we identified an accountant based (partly) on compatible personality types.

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Connecting a library catalogue with a sync agent

We facilitated the connection between an established library catalogue in France and a UK-based sync agent to represent the catalogue in the UK, and we negotiated the resulting deal on behalf of the sync agent.

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“George has provided a service of the highest professional calibre bringing to our business that rare combination of incisive attention to detail with a pragmatism that helps conclude matters in the most convenient way possible. This is underpinned by an intuitive approach to commercial objectives – the ‘job to be done’ – in assisting parties to come to positive mutual outcomes.”

Tolga Kashif
Tolga Kashif
CEO – Lightsong Media Group
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