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At Music Affairs, we believe that knowledge is power - and that everyone should have access to that knowledge. That's why we offer workshops and training sessions for those looking to grow their skills and expand their understanding.

Our workshops and training sessions are tailored to meet the unique needs of your business and staff, regardless of whether you're an established player or newcomer. We also have extensive experience as panelists and guest speakers at conferences, events and universities.

Recent work highlights include:

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Seminars on music rights, royalties and the role of collecting societies

As experts in music copyright, we've conducted numerous seminars on music rights for music publishers, television companies, and advertising agencies.

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Interactive negotiation workshops for staff at a music company

A music company hired us to create a workshop aimed at improving their staff's negotiation skills.

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Panels on the topic of music licensing and mechanical buyouts

In the past year, we've participated in panels discussing complex music rights issues in Los Angeles, Paris, and London.

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Lectures on copyright, music publishing and commissioning

We’re known for making complex topics accessible, which is why we're often invited to lecture at universities and music colleges.


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“George has provided a service of the highest professional calibre bringing to our business that rare combination of incisive attention to detail with a pragmatism that helps conclude matters in the most convenient way possible. This is underpinned by an intuitive approach to commercial objectives – the ‘job to be done’ – in assisting parties to come to positive mutual outcomes.”

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Tolga Kashif
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